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Henry van de Velde, cornerstone of the HERITAGE HOUSE tableware collection.

Henry van de Velde, cornerstone of the HERITAGE HOUSE tableware collection.

About a week ago, the winners of the prestigious Henry van de Velde awards were announced. For those who are less familiair with the concept, these are the design awards in Belgiumwith a strong global resonance.

As we Belgians are known for our non chauvinistic attitude, these awards are meaningful, offering recognition and stimulating (inter)national breakthroughs. 
An excellent opportunity for us to highlight the previous Henry van de Velde winners in our collection packed with objects, tastes & stories from Belgium's most remarkable food designers. We have 5 of them and a surprisingly 6th, that kind of brings things full circle. 

1. Jean-François D'Or
His list of customers includes leading brands such as reflect+, Indera, Ligne Roset, tossB, Maison Vervloet, ... In 2013, the Knack Weekend Jury elected him Best Belgian designer of the year. He has received several international awards .
His tableware creations

2. Ilse Dedeken
One of the world’s leading manufacturers of deluxe linen
 products. She is a global supplier of high-level tailor-made designs and cooperated with Swarovski, top chefs Pascal Devalkeneer & Sergio Herman and the architect/designer Rodolphe Parente. 

Her tableware creations

3. Nedda El-Asmar
She has been elected Belgian designer of the year & won numerous awards. She designs for Hermès, Magnitude, Obumex, Robbe & Berking ...
In 2007, Nedda was appointed as lecturer at her alma mater, the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp.

Her tableware creations
4. Ann Van Hoey
Ann’s track record is built upon international recognitions, with countless selections for Biennales all over the world, prize winner at ceramics competitions in Milan, Geneva, Korea, … She has been the winner of the ‘Emerging Artist Peoples Choice Contest’.
Her tableware creations

5. Siegfried De Buck
Siegfried has exhibited his work in several Belgian & international museums, including Design Museum Gent. He has received several awards for his artful creations amongst them the prestigious Henry van de Velde lifetime achievement award.
His tableware creations

Once the pride of Belgian tableware, it is thriving in the Emirates. Our crafts-manship is appreciated as world-class crystal. Want to guess which artist had, for decades, the biggest influence on the creations at Val-Saint-Lambert?
Right, ... Henry van de Velde.
Today, the brand is slowly re-introducing its new designs on the Belgian market. Place to be? HERITAGE HOUSE in Antwerp, birthplace of... :-) . 
That's what we call a 'full circle' ! 

Enjoy ...

Vicky & Frederik - HERITIST-lovers


Vicky Vandamme