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Alexandre Helson

Everyone in Brussels knows Maison Dandoy but the baker also has an impressive number of international fans. Dandoy is the place to go for traditional biscuits, with a focus on family heritage. The biscuits are still crafted by hand, by pastry chefs trained in the art of biscuit baking. Their best-sellers are speculoos (‘This is the speculoos that will love you back’), almond thins and pain à la Grecque. They mainly sell their products through their own “experience boutiques” in and around Brussels and of course in HERITAGE HOUSE.

Alexandre Helson is immediately interested in our project when we first meet. He considers us kindred spirits and says he is truly honoured to be present alongside craftsmen who share the same vision and values. After several informal and pleasant discussions, sometimes even just before picking up the children, he finally committed to our project. And we, in turn, are honoured to be able to feature the tradition, quality and aesthetics of Maison Dandoy within the HERITAGE collection.

What matters is creating emotions to ensure the reference in high end cookies has a place in the 21st century.

Alexandre was raised among speculoos and biscuits. He is the seventh generation at the helm of this family company. When Alexandre refers to the family company or the brand, he always talks about “la maison”. The place where he spent his childhood, eagerly learning from his great-grandfather, grandparents, aunt and father who all had their part building the internationally renowned tradition of the brand.

Innovating for a future of authenticity.

Alexandre and his team succeeded in seamlessly guiding Maison Dandoy into the twenty-first century while preserving its authenticity. He created a new look and feel for the brand and everything around it, using the family roots and tradition as inspiration. A strong foundation to open Maison Dandoy shops in several Belgian and international cities. 

Primarily inspired by nature,

he adores his walks in the forest and mountains. He cherishes the moments, when he can briefly escape and return to basics, or reflect on a new product.

Alexandre has an appetite for life and like his wife, he is equally passionate about fine cuisine.


HERITIST-LOVERS, Frederik & Vicky