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Ann Van Hoey

With deceptive ease, Ann Van Hoey succeeds in bringing about a new order and a new logic that are her own, aiming for a technically impeccable result and an aesthetic that is as simple as it is seductive. Ann’s track record is built upon international recognitions, with countless selections for Biennales all over the world, prize winner at ceramics competitions in Milan, Geneva, Korea, China, … She has been the winner of the ‘Emerging Artist Peoples Choice Contest’ and was rewarded with the Henry van de Velde-label, the most prestigious quality label in Belgium.

her longing to create a unique tableware object, meant the birth of #connectingcups, HERITAGE’s first co-created item

When we meet up at Ann Van Hoey’s workshop in her hometown Mechelen, we are struck by the humbleness of one of Belgium’s strongest ceramic artists. Exhibiting worldwide in renowned Ceramics Galleries, Ann entrusts to be honored, being selected as a Heritist in our collection.

Admitting this is at least a mutual feeling, we (without any effort) end up in a personal conversation, in which we discover the feeding ground for her enthusiasm. Ann’s strongest longing is, controversial to her status as an award-winning artist, to create tableware objects meant to be touched, used, … Allowing them to age and built a unique layer of character over time. a very personal dynamic between artist, creation and user which is sometimes missing when creating objects of art.

world celebrated ceramist due to her unprecedented
technique to create; using scissors and automotive paint

For Ann, ceramics has always been ‘personal’ From a very young age creating a strong object of beauty from a lump of clay had a healing effect on her. Decades later, the art of designing, shaping and refining still fuels her unrestrained passion and has brought her friendship in every corner of the globe.

one brief moment of creativity, a major breakthrough

At the age of 50 this resulted in a turnaround, having her objects selected by Design Vlaanderen, soon followed by international renowned ceramic galleries. These first international selections instantly led to world level awards, opening doors for her distinctive style. Based on an unprecedented technique, using scissors to cut into the clay object, creating a whole new stunning shape.

Heritist lovers, Frederik & Vicky