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David Decroix

Real cuberdons have a fine, outer crust, which cracks open subtly as soon as you bite into it. Making cuberdons is an exercise in patience and skill. You must perfectly control the method, and imprecision will always be punished. The Léopold cuberdons and the matching product range (such as marshmallows, syrup, and jam) are sold in high-end delicatessens and speciality stores. Exporting Belgian cuberdons is quite a challenge as they only have a shelf life of eight weeks and no preservatives are used.

David Decroix and his wife Anne gladly make some time for us in their busy schedule. We meet two warm, dynamic and passionate people in their atelier who are interested in our story. They discuss their craft decisively and with passion.

Cuberdons are quite difficult to produce and their shelf life is very short to ensure premium quality. It is always an exciting time for David and Anne when a cuberdon ripens. They are curious to see whether the process worked as it should have and whether the sweets have developed a crunchy crust. They apply very rigorous selection criteria and strive for perfection. Their drive is infectious. That is why the hand-made cuberdons have a national and international fan base.

Traditional crafts are the key to our future. Gradually people are again becoming interested in ‘real’ products, made with high-quality ingredients by genuine craftsmen.

Anne and David both have a real joie de vivre. They enjoy beauty and good things. They share an appetite for life and are passionate about their company. Together they create emotions in the form of cuberdons, which they showcase in their shop like gems.

The best mark of appreciation came during a trade mission to the United Arab Emirates with HRH Princess Astrid. As the ambassador of Belgium’s food culture, she presented Anne and David’s cuberdons to a sheik.

Out of passion for their art, they are interested in meeting as many top chefs and craftsmen as possible, to gain inspiration, to work with them and develop new products together. And to innovate and conquer the world with their cuberdons.


HERITIST lovers, Frederik & Vicky