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Marc Merckx

Marc’s portfolio includes a wide variety of projects: from an exclusive apartment in Paris, a private house in Mexico City to a boutique hotel in the USA … He has been shaping a lot of projects in collaboration with architect and designer of the year Vincent Van Duysen, working for 15 years as his design director and product designer. Managing his projects worldwide as well as designing furniture and objects for well-established international brands.

Awarded a design prize in 2013, he was asked by Tribu to create
the total design concept for their head office, including the global architecture, interior design and garden landscaping. Shortly after, he created the Illum Collection for Tribú (a collaboration with Pieter Maes) presented at the Milan furniture fair.

Our first encounter with Marc Merckx turned out to be a passionate conversation, losing track of time. Impressed by his warm personality; often full of fire but mainly collected ‘gentlemen-style’; we immediately connect with his vision to bring powerful food inspired objects into our HERITAGE collection.

Seated in his cozy studio, Marc talks about his soft spot for natural, imperfect materials being designed into balanced objects. Every single one having both a great sculptural value as being functional, characterized by their potential to age beautifully. Strong luxurious materials, crafted using nowadays mastery, building their unique character through time. 

a constant search for perfectly balanced imperfection

in visually powerful, yet functional objects …

an abbey made him become designer When asked if Marc recalls a moment that strongly influenced his distinctive style of designing, he immediately refers to his first visit, at a young age, to the Le Thoronet Cistercian abbey. In a second he was intrigued by its perfect proportions, the silence, the mystical light and the simplicity of the used materials.

addicted to unexpected inspirational encounters To avoid being restricted by trends, Marc consciously chooses to follow his gut feeling, being loyal to his vision to create original & authentic designs. A gut feeling that is however often shaped by spontaneous discussions with interesting people and their distinctive story.

Marc Merckx quest in creating is to lift the minimal
to the luxurious and make materials appeal to all senses.

Heritist lovers, Frederik & Vicky