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Belgian gourmet store

Belgian gourmet store & design café in a marvelous building with a unique winter garden. Take a break, enjoy a drink and discover the collection of premium objects and fine foods by Belgium's vanguard designers and artisans. Foodies & design lovers take note, for sublime kitchen and tableware, handcrafted gins, pain à la grecque, world-class beers, books, ... 'Slow shopping' at its finest! 


real objects, tastes & stories, from our most remarkable food designers.

The ‘’ – approach of HERITAGE HOUSE results in a collection shaped by over 40 something HERITISTS. A selection of Belgium’s best designers and their extraordinary expertise, distinctive creations, conversation starting designs & innovations.

Mostly internationally renowned, but often ‘hidden secrets’ in our own country … In close collaboration with them, we have gathered, under one roof, the most remarkable (maybe even biggest ) collection of Belgian food design in the world. 

We gather those quality utensils oozing with savoir-faire and directly linked to table- & kitchen experiences and gettogethers (tableware, kitchenware and fine foods creations). However we also curate exceptionally crafted interior objects and one-offs that hover around the dinner-setting. Just stunning conversation starters ! 

Pure ‘food design’, bringing the story of that one in a million !

 We wish to thank following partners for their support and believe : 
/ slow.down.café setting by Dirk Wynants - extremis  
/ light design by Yves Pauwels - falluce 
/ expo cabinet by Deevie Vermetten - atelier belge 
/ table creations by Stijn D'hondt - pinscher 
/ shelf design by Tomas Aelterman - straff design 
/ floral art by Dae Mee Van Der Haegen - dae mee