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Last year, HERITAGE HOUSE got launched as retail concept focusing on a unique collection. Based on partnerships with some of Belgium’s best and most remarkable ‘food designers’ & craftsmen. Often internationally renowned, but rather underexposed in our country. Avoiding pedestals seems to be part of our Belgian nature.

We identify them through their savoir-faire, their track record, the distinctive storytelling behind their passion and creations.  
It offers a unique ‘conversation starting’ collection of fine foods, tableware, kitchenware and exceptional objects. An experience concept connection flavors, objects, stories, fitting our beautiful & distinctive gourmet culture. A culture where social ties are moulded around the dinner table, while cooking or at the bar.

The HERITAGE HOUSE project realizes a new retail approach focused on ‘slow shopping’ and valuable experiences (storytelling, ‘meetcentives’ in, tastings in the slow.down.café, masterclasses, meet & greets with the food designers, product launches, ...).  

With a soft spot for food, a desire for quality ‘kitchen moments’ and believers of the power of ‘table memories’, we (a complementary team of 2 working & living together) try to be the backbone of the brand. With a passion for stories, discoveries and a peek behind de scenes. We have chosen an approach built on people, experience, wonder. Rather than a focus on ‘cold transaction’.

Our unique collection is on display in the online boutique,