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Cutlery Appetize (set of 24)

Nedda El-Asmar - Studio Nedda

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Designed by Nedda, produced by Eternum.

Nedda El-Asmar made her international breakthrough after training in Antwerp and London. In 1997, she was awarded the Sterckshof commission. A few years later, she was elected Belgian designer of the year and also received several Henry van de Velde Awards and labels

The Appetize cutlery is made by Eternum, located in Gembloux.

ETERNUM is a Belgian company created in 1924 and specialized in the creation, production and sale of stainless steel cutlery and tableware.


One set contains 24 pieces of cutlery. 

6 Knives : 24 cm

6 Forks : 21,5 cm

6 Spoons : 21,5 cm

6 Coffee Spoons : 14 cm