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Table mirror/paper weight

Jean-François D'Or

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Audrey is designed by Jean-François D'or and produced by Maison Vervloet.

Jean-François D'Or was elected Best Belgian designer of the year. He has also received several international awards and recognitions including The W * house Wallpaper selection, two Henry van de Velde labels, the Architecture Muuuz International Awards, ... 

Since 1905, the belgian company Maison Vervloet is a master-creator of high-end, unique handcrafted hardware such as door, window and furniture handles, home objects and any other precious brass or bronze accessory that finishes put the final touch to your interior.

Audrey can be used as a small hand mirror or paper weight based on contrast between matt and mirror polished copper surfaces. The handpolished front surface of object becomes a mirror that reflect architecture.


100 mm x 70 mm

incl. leather patch


brass or polished matt copper