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Decanter Val Saint Lambert Amethyst

Laurent Kurek - Val Saint Lambert

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Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Belgian Crystal SA Val Saint Lambert and discover the glittering beauty behind each unique mouth-blown and hand-cut piece. 

Designed by Charles Kaisin, his portfolio consists of designs for brands such as Hermès, Hermann Miller, Delvaux, Swatch and Val Saint-Lambert.

Natural luxury or luxurious nature? Crystal is a stroke of masterly magic that blends the four natural elements harmoniously together: earth (sand), air (blowing), fire (furnace) and water (cooling). Each product is unique, mouth blown and hand cut and finished. In short, a craftsman’s art that Val Saint Lambert has cherished for nearly 200 years. 

The pure Val Saint Lambert crystal is known as one of the clearest in the world. 

Each handmade piece of Kaleido Crystal from Val Saint Lambert is mouth blown, hand cut, and hand finished. Made of: 24% Lead Crystal, highest quality. Production time: 20 working days!


H  255 mm - 330mm
Ø 110 mm


100 cl


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